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Fall 2014 hair! The off duty ballerina bun !

Fall is here and the messy bun is back! This time it's just a little lower! Here are some tips for achieving this look!


  • Ballerina buns are best suited to mid-length to long hair.

  • If your hair isn’t long enough to get into a high ponytail then consider clip in extensions.

  • Buns work best on hair that is 'dirty' rather than just washed hair.

  • Use Davines hair refresher and Davines THIS IS A SEA SALT SPRAY to add a bit more texture and volume to fine hair.

  • Tip your head upside down when pulling your hair into a pony tail and remember to brush the back (otherwise you can end up with a droopy effect).

  • If you’d like more volume, create texture by curling / crimping sections or backcombing the tail of your ponytail.

  • Use a thick athletic sock rolled into a doughnut shape to create an ever bigger bun.

  • Once you’ve created the desired effect at the top of your bun, spray lightly with Davines THIS IS A STRONG HAIR SPRAY. It's creates shiny long lasting looks!

  • If you prefer to have some hair around your face, leave your bangs down or pull wispy bits of hair from around your ears!

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