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Fall 2014 Deconstructed Braid Tutorial


ADD VOLUME. Spray Davines THIS IS A SEA SALT SPRAY on dry hair, blow dry hair for a few seconds, this will give you a messy textured look, Let your hair fall into it’s natural part. In a zig-zag motion, select a small section of hair near the crown of your head. This helps us achieve a less structured look as well as holds more volume for back combing, Spray Davines THIS IS A MEDIUM HAIRSPRAY at the root of the hair and back comb the section no more than an inch from the base of your scalp. Spray with Davines THIS IS A MEDIUM HAIRSPRAY. Repeat this step 3-4 times with small sections of hair, moving down towards the nape of the neck. Once you’re finished, lightly smooth the back combed sections with your finger or wide tooth comb. Imperfection is what makes this look perfect! PLACE YOUR PONYTAIL There are two places a ponytail best flatters your face. Hold a comb along the your jaw line, just under your ear, to locate it. For a lower ponytail, angle the comb down along your eyebrow and ear line. SECURE & ADD PONYTAIL BASE. Once you decide where you want to place the ponytail, secure hair that you previously back combed at the top of your head by combing/smoothing the top section of your hair back, leaving hair around your face. Twist this section once, and secure with a few bobby pins. This allows the back combed area of hair to be free from the weight of the ponytail. Follow this step by create a small ponytail at the nape of the neck, leaving hair around your ears and either side of your face. TEXTURE Separate the hair that you left around your face into two sections per side. You’ll make four loose braids in total, two on either side of your face. Start with the section closest to the nape of your neck on the opposite side of your part (if you have a side part). Once you’ve loosely braided the section of hair, spray it with Davines THIS IS A SEA SALT spray and lightly slide your index finger and thumb up the braid. Now pull the braid apart slightly with your fingers. Take the loose braid, drap it slightly around the side of your head, and combine the braids framing your face into a larger braid with the ponytail. Remember to keep it loose and let some of the ends stick out slightly. You can add up to six tousled braids if you really want to boost the volume, or two for a simpler look. The braids allow the ponytail to achieve a messy deconstructed braid! TIP 'Dirty' or washed yesterday hair allows you to achieve your desired look more easily than if you try to achieve this look on freshly washed hair. Your hair has more texture and the natural oils help for a more secure updo.

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